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Producer: James Taylor
Technical Direction: Paul Campbell
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Executive Producer: Anthony Geffen

Writers: Kelly Nobay and James Taylor
Additional Research: George Perry

Video Director: Tim Walker
Video Editors: Matt Pearson and Ian Phillips
Video Narrator: Matt Pearson
Facilities Manager: Ashley Davies

Visual Effects: ZOO
Visual Effects Manager: James Prosser

Production Executive: Ruth Sessions
Commercial Affairs Executive: Mimi Gilligan
IT Support: David James

Images of Ida by Sam Peach of Sam Peach Productions
Colour drawing of Ida courtesy Bogdan Bocianowski.
Other images courtesy of American Museum of Natural History, MagiGroup, Mieke Roth and Science Photo Library.

With special thanks to Dr Jørn Hurum and Sir David Attenborough.

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History, BBC, ZDF, NRK

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Little, Brown and Company

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